TurboLaunch 5.0

TurboLaunch runs up multiple programs and even few pre-programmed tasks
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TurboLaunch is a toolbar-style application, which helps the user in running up multiple programs and performing even few pre-programmed tasks. It is a highly flexible application, because it is cent percent configurable and the pictures are used to differentiate between the functionality of each to determine what exactly the button is configured to do.

TurboLaunch is very simple in usage and merely by dragging and dropping programs, shortcuts, files, or folders, the user can instantly configure the corresponding button to run the dropped object. Moreover, the application also presents the user with a choice to configure buttons manually by specifying their command, working folder, parameters, and window style. It is even possible to assign a shortcut key to any button, which in turn allows the user to quickly run that button with a simple keyboard command.

The user can also configure any button for establishing a network connection like the Internet or a VPN client, providing an easy access to the concerned Internet service provider along with other cool features like Auto Redial and Disconnect if Already Connected, etc. There are additional options to adjust the number of rows and columns of buttons that appear on the application window, or even organize them into groups and much more.

Luis Sanchez
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